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Alarm Clock Smart Mat

Alarm Clock Smart Mat - creative watcher
Alarm Clock Smart Mat - creative watcher
Alarm Clock Smart Mat - creative watcher
Alarm Clock Smart Mat - creative watcher

Alarm Clock Smart Mat

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For people who have trouble getting up on time each morning. The Smart Alarm Clock  Mat is right here for you. The whole idea behind is to enforcing you to place both feet on the rug for over 3 seconds in order to silence it, so that you will have to get up. 

Our designers have researched data, from which proved that this approach is actually the most effective way of getting people out of bed for a short period of time.

The Smart Alarm Clock Mat itself is made out of soft memory foam wrapped with soft flannelette, so you know how comfortable it’s to stand on. The clock alarm sound can also be customized.


1.Bright LED display: doubles as night-light. 
2.Modern Look: suit any room despite style. 
3.Touch Sensor: effectively getting you out of bed! 
4.High density Memory Foam: incredible comfort to lay feet on. 
5.Customizable Alarm/Post Alarm: your daily motivation with your favorite music. 
6.Contemporary and minimalistic design, matches with any type of room decoration.


Display Mode: Digital display using low-e cost LED Nixie tubes; 
Color: Creamy white; 
Material: Flannelette, memory foam; 
Power: Three No.7 Batteries; 
Speaker: Fidelity full range speaker; 
Pressure sensor: Double sided sliver-conducting film, double layer millisecond senor; 


*To change the alarm music: Plugging in the USB cable at the back of mat, then connect it with your computer. You can customize your alarm music. 
*Package DOES NOT comes with batteries. 
*Volume is non-adjustable.