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Lash Stapler

Lash Stapler - creative watcher
Lash Stapler - creative watcher
Lash Stapler - creative watcher

Lash Stapler

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What kind of flirt are you? Sweet and playful? Dramatic and sultry? Whatever you are, the ultra fast, super easy Flashes applicator will make sure your lashes are up to speed. So wink, bat, and flutter those babies away. Be careful though, with this weapon of mass seduction, you might just break a heart or two.

Lash Stapler ground-breaking product. A false lash applicator with patent-pending design and technology that gives instantly sexy, flirty eyes that are bold, fuss free and fresh. This revolutionary self-contained storage and applicator package dispenses false lash buds, allowing you to customize your lash look, by applying as many or as few lashes as you want to, all in a just a flash! The unit holds 40 lash buds, plus an extra four for play. Flash Stapler is unlike anything else out there and promises instant, hassle-free  glamour-on-the-go. 

How To Use It: 


For your first time, Flashes needs to be primed. Scroll forward a few times until lashes begin to appear. Stop scrolling when a red line appears near the bottom of the window. At this point, the lashes will be half-way exposed.


When the lash is exposed half way, press the top button to click closed and hold lashes in place.


Brush a thin layer of lash adhesive evenly on the end of the lash buds, taking care to avoid putting glue on the applicator. We recommend DUO Brush On Adhesive. Blow gently and wait 20–30 seconds for adhesive to get tacky.


Apply lashes by gently touching the ends of the lashes to your lashline. Pro Flirt Tip—to get a perfect placement, stretch the upper eyelid by gently pulling skin taut at the outer corner. Hold the false lashes in place with Flashes for 3–5 seconds.
Caution: Avoid contact of false lashes or applicator directly into the eye.


Press the bottom button to release false lashes.

Voilaaaahhh! Full, natural-looking flirty false lashes in a Flash! You can completely customize your lash look by applying as many or as few lashes as you want to. Some love the look of just a few lash buds at the outer corners, others go for an eye full (about four buds should cover it).